The mind is easily mesmerized when frightened.

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     Loki had been observing Alice for a while now. Always from the shadows, but he had always been there. Silently, hoping and waiting for the day he considered her to be ready.

    The God Of Mischief smiled as soon as he saw her. “It amuses me to watch you use them..”  the God sent the words to Alice’s mind as he remained hidden in the air. “Your powers…” he sent the words again, still not revealing himself.  

   ”What if I told you I am impressed and that we are…alike?” he said with his characteristic husky voice as he materialized before her behind a cloud of thick green smoke. 

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"You’re kidding…" The young woman practically snarled, lowering her eyeline. "I’m offering you a way to get hold of the most powerful weapon I’ve ever heard of for one simple favor, and you don’t /know?/"

       Loki frowned in confusion, what was she even talking about. “Firstly, you happen to put words in my mouth. Secondly, I have fair reasons to question how powerful this weapon of yours can be or really is and thirdly,…” Loki paused, thinking if he should let it be or if he should, indeed, mention he was all mighty. He took another second and thought about how talking to simple people wasn’t the same to talking  to other Gods. “I am a God. I do not bargain with humans” he said simply, voice low and calmed.

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"I..I am not sure what you what me to do with that information" he said, emerald eyes never leaving the midgardian. He just wasn’t good with human emotions.
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"You are truly a lost creature." The blonde replied appearing in front of the cage, "All that pain churning up inside of you, it’s a wonder you haven’t imploded yet." She mused as she reached out to let her hands dance across the cage.

"It’s such a shame, a man with such purpose but no conviction trapped in a cage of your own making. And now the one person who held out faith in you is gone, you couldn’t even save her. How much farther will you fall?" 


    Loki heard a voice, a female voice as he could tell and caught  a silhouette appearing in front of his cage with the corner of his eye. Great. This was just what he needed.

   Loki brokenly laughed to the irony. He remembered Odin’s words as if it had been yesterday. "Wherever you go there is war, ruin and death" the mighty God have said, but…for once,  it wasn’t Loki’s war who put and end to Frigga’s life.

  Loki could argue about conviction, Loki could argue about faith and about how he didn’t believed in it, but he just…couldn’t"Is this it? You come here to mock and take pleasure in my misery?

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"A lucky woman am I to receive such kindness without occasion," she answered his simplistic explanation with a warm smile.

Sigyn was no fool; she knew without a doubt that the side she was allowed to see glimpses of in Loki was a rare and precious thing, reserved only for private moments and primarily for her eyes. That was, of course, something a source of pride and excitement for her, seeing in those moments a Loki the rest of Asgard was not privy to. It made the harsher, colder side of him that much easier to deal with in a patient spirit, those moments of kindness getting her through until the next time she received his affection.

He asked if she was looking for him, and at the sight of his smirk, she couldn’t help responding with a playful grin of her own.

"Perhaps," she drawled out the word teasingly, pretending to be mulling over the idea, "unless, of course, I was looking for some other tall, dangerously handsome prince to bring me flowers. I suppose we shall never know now, will we?"



'Lucky' and 'kindness' weren't words often used around Loki. Maybe Frigga, and just Frigga had used them before, but Friga seemed to be the exception to every rule Loki had ever made his mind around to. The corner of his lips curled up almost shyly.”Oh. I see…Yes, I suppose we shall never know now…” he said, playing along. “So umm.. may I enquire what might have been your intentions with this said prince or vice versa? Any reason to be perhaps looking for him?”
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                      “Always so perceptive about everyone except yourself”

     The words kept haunting Loki’s mind. She was gone. She was long gone but the Asgardian raised kept being tormented by that little moment in time. That one moment he’ll never admit as significant, that last moment with his mother.

    Lost, numbed and sick of feeling this void inside of him,he screamed at the top of his lungs. He didn’t care who might hear him, he didn’t care who might see. The Master Of Magic was torn beyond recognition and he had no strength for deceit.

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A king? A true king admits his faults.

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"Have I not done enough to earn back your trust?" Loki asked, showing his wrists in some sort of a pleading gesture to be realised.

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"You cannot be serious" Loki scoffed. "You cannot tell me you expected me to care" he said over a smug smile.

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Cast out onto a frozen rock.

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